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SUSTAINABILITY at Freudenfeld Design

Freudenfeld Design is a digital design and communications studio working to become a sustainable communications company. We balance purpose with profit, doing good for people and planet. We’re committed to reducing our use of natural resources and increasing our positive social and environmental impact. We’re working to achieve as close to zero carbon emissions as possible by 2025.


We consider how the decisions we take will impact locally and globally. Our social and environmental impact is part of Freudenfeld Design’s decision-making process, and how we measure our success.


Over the last year, staff have contributed more than 300 volunteer hours. Supporting a surplus food community larder along with events such as community meals and socials has helped people across our communities to come together - involvement has been great for staff too!


We also participate in local environmental volunteer activities, helping to manage and regenerate green spaces like woodlands, road verges and streams. Staff develop and deliver community engagement workshops, encouraging people to have and go and grow their own veggies, or make space for wildlife in their gardens. Staff have volunteered with Maymessy, to create an edible garden for the cookery school and run gardening workshops with young adults to build self-esteem and confidence.


At Freudenfeld Design we consider how to increase our positive impact on biodiversity, through the choices we make and the projects we support. We work to improve biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods in our buying choices from the coffee we drink to the shoes on our feet!


When we travel, we use public transport and cycle where we can. On average we make two business journeys a week by car. We have strong relationships with our international clients and meet in our virtual office to minimise air travel! We’re also working to reduce the air miles in our supply chains and product life cycles. Freudenfeld Design’s preferred suppliers have strong sustainable and ethical credentials, reflecting the products we use, how we use them and how ultimately, we dispose of them.


It’s not a question of the three Rs but four - reduce, re-use, repair and then recycle. We work to keep our waste to a minimum. As a digital design and communications studio, we’re happy to say we run a paperless office.
The office garden at Freudenfeld Design has a compost heap where all our fruit and veg peelings go. When it’s decomposed, we use the beautiful, rich soil to pot our office plants.


Our office has a water meter with water saving devices fitted throughout our facilities. We collect rainwater to irrigate our office garden and veg patch, and to water our desk plants too.


Freudenfeld Design is committed to getting as close to zero as possible. Our carbon emissions come largely from the energy we use to run our business, so we use electricity from renewable sources to power our offices. We’re committed to sourcing tech and products with green credentials in design, manufacture, and supply.


At Freudenfeld Design we enjoy working in collaborative and innovative ways across our networks. This includes our approach to sustainability in business. We seek to work with people who share our values and ambitions.